Cyber Breach Update 7/7/17

Press Release WARCOG July 7 2017 (1) 



July 7th 2017


Over the past week, the WARCOG has been diligently investigating this incident in order to identify the records and data that were compromised.   To date we have concluded the following information from our investigation:

  • The number of records compromised has been reduced from more than 200,000 records to no more than 135,000 documents
  • The information compromised concerns individual names, along with either Social Security numbers and/or driver’s license numbers from police incident reports originating in the Cities of Wooster, Ashland, and Orrville over the last ten years
  • Within the next several weeks, the WARCOG will be providing more information about the steps affected individuals can take to protect their personal information
  • We will be offering free credit monitoring to all persons affected by this breach
  • In addition to current security measures, including Antivirus-Antimalware protection, complex password protection, ransomware protection, employee security awareness training, next generation firewalls and URL filtering, and Darktrace security, the WARCOG will also be setting up a Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) system.


As previously stated, this is an active criminal investigation, and the FBI has assured us that we have taken the correct steps with our security measures.  We are also committed to continuous review and improvement of all of our network protocols, policies, and procedures in order to reduce the risk of this happening again.
For further information, contact:

Linda Applebaum, Director of Law

City of Wooster

Phone:  330-263-5248


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